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> > > I don't think adding lz4 to the stdlib is worthwhile.  It isn't required
> > > for core functionality as zlib is (lowest common denominator zip support). 
> >
> > Actually, if some people are interested in compressing .pyc files, lz4
> > is probably the best candidate (will yield significant compression
> > benefits with very little CPU overhead).
> > 
> It's interesting to note that there's an outstanding feature request
> to enable "import modules from a library.tar.lz4", justified on the
> basis that it would be helpful to the python-for-android project:
> https://github.com/python-lz4/python-lz4/issues/45

Interesting.  The tar format isn't adequate for this: the whole tar
file will be compressed at once, so you need to uncompress it all even
to import a single module.  The zip format is more adapted, but it
doesn't seem to have LZ4 in its registered codecs.

Zip can be used without compression as a simple container for files, though, and there's nothing that says those can't be .pyc.lz4 files.