Hello Victor.
Thank you.
The tips help me a lot.
I think the tip needs to stay inside on document to reduce time to seach soluction.

Leandro Müller

De: Victor Stinner <vstinner@python.org>
Enviado: Thursday, March 26, 2020 7:08:42 PM
Para: Leandro Müller <leandrogmuller@hotmail.com>
Cc: python-dev@python.org <python-dev@python.org>
Assunto: Re: [Python-Dev] sys.trace without alert or remove trace by C

I understand that you are looking for PyEval_SetTrace(NULL, NULL) to
unregister a trace function set previously.

Maybe the documentation should be enhanced to explain that. Do you
want to propose a PR to enhance the doc?



Le jeu. 26 mars 2020 à 22:47, Leandro Müller
<leandrogmuller@hotmail.com> a écrit :
> Hello.
> I need to remove the trace on thread, but I tried to run sys.settrace(None) and return alert on console.
> I didn't find any soluction to remove by C, example PyEval_SetTrace(Py_None, obj), but it not works.
> Are there any soluction to remove without alert or by C?
> C is better for me.
> Thanks.
> Att.
> Leandro Müller
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