On Thu, Jan 27, 2022 at 10:47 AM Steven D'Aprano <steve@pearwood.info> wrote:
> >Getting the right people to pay attention to them is always the hard part.

Or maybe, as a developer (not an end-user of an app), you could be more
proactive in reporting those warnings to the third party, and
encouraging them to fix them. Maybe even submitting a patch?

Personally, I do exactly that -- but more often than not (thankfully) the upstream project is already working on it, or already fixed it, but in a version that I can't use yet. So then I really want to silence those warnings. Which is pretty easy to do with pytest, but maybe not so easy everywhere?
 But we shouldn't just
dismiss warnings in those dependencies as "warnings I don't care about"
and ignore them as Not My Problem.

Unless we have done due diligence already :-)


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