Le 11 mars 2015 18:29, "Brett Cannon" <brett@python.org> a écrit :
> I'm going to propose a somewhat controversial idea: let's deprecate the ctypes module.

In the past I tried to deprecate many functions or modules because they are rarely or never used. Many developers prefered to keep them. By the way, I still want to remove plat-xxx modules like IN or CDROM :-)

Getopt was deprecated when optparse was added to the stdlib. Then optparse was deprecated when argparse was added to the stdlib.

Cython and cffi are not part of the stdlib and can be hard to install on some platforms. Ctypes is cool because it doesn't require C headers nor a C compiler.

Is it possible to use cffi without a C compiler/headers as easily than ctypes?

If you want to move forward, you should help to integrate cffi into the stdlib. What's the status?