Your question is specifically about IDEs with support for mixed-mode debugging (with gdb), so I went looking for an answer: (which is not responsive and almost unreadable on a mobile device) links to , which mentions the py-list, py-up and py-down, py-bt, py-print, and py-locals GDB commands that are also described in ** ** Ctrl-F "gdb" mentions: DDD, pyclewn (vim), trepan3k (which is gdb-like and supports breaking at c-line and also handles bytecode disassembly)

Apparently, GHIDRA does not have a debugger but there is a plugin for following along with gdb in ghidra called , which may or may not be useful. hasn't been updated in years, but may have useful bits for implementing mixed-mode debugging in other non-vim IDEs. lists a number of GUIs for GDB; including voltronnn:

> There's Voltron, which is an extensible Python debugger UI that supports LLDB, GDB, VDB, and WinDbg/CDB (via PyKD) and runs on macOS, Linux and Windows. For the first three it supports x86, x86_64, and arm with even arm64 support for lldb while adding even powerpc support for gdb. describes the GDB Python API. may be helpful.

Does DDD support mixed-mode debugging?

Essentially, for IDE support, AFAIU, the basic functionality is:
- set breakpoints: `b c-file.c:123`
- step through them while seeking-to and highlighting the current breakpoint
- provide one or more panes for executing GDB commands within the current or other frames

The GDB Python API docs:

The devguide gdb page may be the place to list IDEs with support for mixed-mode debugging of Python and C/C++/Cython specifically with gdb?

On Sunday, December 1, 2019, Skip Montanaro <> wrote:
> Having tried comp.lang.python with no response, I turn here...
> After at least ten years away from Python's run-time interpreter &
> byte code compiler, I'm getting set to familiarize myself with that
> again. This will, I think, entail debugging a mixed Python/C
> environment. I'm an Emacs user and am aware that GDB since 7.0 has
> support for debugging at the Python code level. Is Emacs+GDB my best
> bet? Are there any Python IDEs which support C-level breakpoints and
> debugging?
> Thanks,
> Skip
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