Hi Robin,

The correct range requirements are mandatory from beta 2. There will be 2 more betas after beta 3: beta4 and beta5.

Please, check out the release announcement for beta3.

Pablo Galindo Salgado

On Fri, 3 Jun 2022, 09:56 Robin Becker, <robin@reportlab.com> wrote:
On 01/06/2022 16:58, Pablo Galindo Salgado wrote:
> Update: we have decided to release Python 3.11.0b3. Let's hope this one is
> free of the curse :)

Hi I hade a couple of failures related to the compile failure for ASTs with wrongly ranged start-end attributes.
After spending a while sorting those I hope that b3 will still work for those case.

Will the reasonable range requirement eventually be made mandatory? It does seem like a good idea.

Will there be an extra beta?

Robin Becker