Hi Guido, Pablo & Lysandros,

I'm excited about this improvement to Python, and was interested to hear about it at the language summit as well.  I happen to be friends with Alessandro Warth, whom you cited in the PEP as developing the packrat parsing technique you use (at least in part).  I wrote to him to ask if he knew being cited, and he responded in part with these comments.  The additional link may perhaps be useful for you:

Alex: (If they had gotten in touch, I would have pointed them at my dissertation, which I think had a simpler description of that algorithm. There's also the Ohm implementation [https://github.com/harc/ohm], where I figured out how to simplify it further.)

The dead increasingly dominate and strangle both the living and the
not-yet born.  Vampiric capital and undead corporate persons abuse
the lives and control the thoughts of homo faber. Ideas, once born,
become abortifacients against new conceptions.