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Implicit string literal concatenation considered harmful?
by Guido van Rossum
1 year, 10 months
Reprs of classes and functions
by Serhiy Storchaka
4 years, 5 months
Re: [Python-ideas] Top 10 Python modules that need a redesign Was: Geo coordinates conversion in stdlib
by Alexander Belopolsky
4 years, 8 months
Simpler Customization of Class Creation, next round
by Martin Teichmann
4 years, 9 months
Adding rule about trailing comma.
by INADA Naoki
4 years, 9 months
History on proposals for Macros?
by Matthew Rocklin
4 years, 9 months
A mutable alternative to namedtuple
by Luciano Ramalho
4 years, 9 months
infinite dates: psycopg2 would support them
by Thomas Güttler
4 years, 9 months
Re: [Python-ideas] PEP 484: Generating test inputs from type hints
by David MacIver
4 years, 9 months
PEP 484: Generating test inputs from type hints
by Terry Reedy
4 years, 9 months
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