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Implicit string literal concatenation considered harmful?
by Guido van Rossum
1 year, 6 months
proposal: "python -m foo" should bind sys.modules['foo']
by Cameron Simpson
2 years, 8 months
solving multi-core Python
by Eric Snow
3 years, 3 months
Prevent importing yourself?
by Ned Batchelder
3 years, 6 months
Explicit variable capture list
3 years, 7 months
OrderedCounter and OrderedDefaultDict
by Ian Foote
3 years, 7 months
A bit meta
by Michael Selik
3 years, 7 months
PEP 511: API for code transformers
by Victor Stinner
3 years, 7 months
Respectively and its unpacking sentence
by Mirmojtaba Gharibi
3 years, 7 months
PEP 511: Add a check function to decide if a "language extension" code transformer should be used or not
by Victor Stinner
3 years, 7 months
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