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size of the installation of Python on mobile devices
by Xavier de Gaye
3 years, 6 months
An ABC representing "Iterable, Sized, Container"
by Guido van Rossum
3 years, 6 months
Re: [Python-ideas] Make types.MappingProxyType hashable
by אלעזר
3 years, 6 months
Make types.MappingProxyType hashable
by Emanuel Barry
3 years, 6 months
add jsonrpc to stdlib "Internet Protocols and Support" akin to xmlrpc
by Achim Andreas von Roznowski
3 years, 7 months
Good uses for staticmethod
by Edward Minnix
3 years, 7 months
allow `lambda' to be spelled λ
by Stephan Houben
3 years, 7 months
Error handling for unknown Unicode characters (was Re: allow `lambda' to be spelled λ)
by Nick Coghlan
3 years, 7 months
Re: [Python-ideas] allow `lambda' to be spelled λ
by David Mertz
3 years, 7 months
@Override decorator
by Shrey Desai
3 years, 7 months
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