Python-ideas December 2019
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Add the imath module
by Serhiy Storchaka
6 months

New explicit methods to trim strings
by Alex Grigoryev
6 months, 1 week

Re: [Python-ideas] Allow star unpacking within an slice expression
by Neil Girdhar
6 months, 3 weeks

Specify number of items to allocate for array.array() constructor
by Sven Rahmann
7 months

Dataclasses, keyword args, and inheritance
by George Leslie-Waksman
7 months, 2 weeks

"and if" and "or if" for trailing if statements - including explicit fallthrough
by Soni L.
7 months, 4 weeks

Suggestion for language addition
by Jan Bakuwel
8 months

Target-and-expression lists and if-try
by Andrew Barnert
8 months, 3 weeks

Allow metaclass to override __subclasscheck__ for metaclass relations
by Soni L.
8 months, 3 weeks

more readable "if" for multiple "in" condition
8 months, 3 weeks
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