Python-ideas May 2020
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Python JIT Compilation Thoughts
3 days, 22 hours

Python __main__ function
4 days, 7 hours

Make `del x` an expression evaluating to `x`
by Eric Wieser
3 weeks

PYTHONLOGGING env variable
by Bar Harel
3 weeks, 5 days

Advanced Debugger Support C-API is incomplete?
by Andrew Pashkin
3 weeks, 5 days

Optional keyword arguments
by James Lu
1 month

How to propose a change with tests where the failing test case (current behaviour) is bad or dangerous
by Steve Barnes
1 month

Python GIL Thoughts
1 month

datetime.time input restrictions
by Ben Axelrod
1 month

Expose PyFloat_AsDouble to Python
by Mark Dickinson
1 month
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