Python-ideas September 2020
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Compound with .. else statement
by Jimmy Thrasibule
1 year

wrapping up 4 years of open source python > 12 pep ideas
by Sylvain MARIE
1 year

Python logging with a custom clock
by N. Benes
1 year

Pickle improvement: global qualnames for local classes
by haael
1 year

Package kwargs to support Guido's favoured semantics
by Jonathan Fine
1 year

Ensuring that a package is available.
by Charles Machalow
1 year

Changing item dunder method signatures to utilize positional arguments (open thread)
by Ricky Teachey
1 year

Decimal - official !!!
by dust dimka
1 year

Proposed new syntax for subscripting (was PEP 472)
by Steven D'Aprano
1 year

PEP-0472 revisited - draft
by Stefano Borini
1 year
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