The use of `await` is on purpose to signal to you as a developer that the event loop may very well pause at that point and context switch to another coroutine. Take that away and you lose that signal. You also would never know from your code whether you need to have an event loop running or not to make such a call.

On Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 2:03 PM J. Pic <> wrote:
Hi all,

Just wonder what it would look like if coroutines where awaited by default, you would only have to use "noawait" when you do *not* want to await a coroutine ?

  async def test():
    return do_something()
  # it's awaited here by default: we get the result and not a coroutine
  result1 = test()

  # not awaiting here because you want to do_something_else
  coroutine = noawait test()
  result2 = await coroutine

Then, you could be chaining code again like this:

   foo_of_result = test().foo

Instead of:

   foo_of_result = (await test()).foo

Thank you in advance for your replies

Have a great weekend !


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