I read those two blog posts, and found very few technical details.

On Sun, Sep 8, 2019, 1:30 PM Mark @pysoniq <mark@pysoniq.com> wrote:

In response to "You should provide a detailed technical of your solution."

The automatically created ctypes wrapper is one of the keys of the project.  Blog entries 1 & 2 are a very detailed and technical discussion of the ctypes wrapper.

If you go to Speed Metrics and read over the first entry -- Complex Calc -- you will find the Python source code as well as the assembly language output (Download pdf of Complex_Calc_asm).  So you have the Python source.  You have the 575 lines of NASM (assmbly language code).  In addition, blog entries 3-5 discuss optimization in detail, and precisely how Complex_Calc was speeded up 63 times faster than Python.  It is quite detailed and technical!

Also, all of the other metrics have the Python source code.

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