On 2 Apr 2014 01:41, "Barry Warsaw" <barry@python.org> wrote:
> On Apr 01, 2014, at 10:22 AM, Chris Angelico wrote:
> >Drifting off-topic, but I think this is actually a subtle feature.
> >I've often joined a mailing list to ask one specific question, and
> >then seen questions that I can help answer. In fact, that's how I came
> >to be stuck on python-list and family... of course, other people may
> >not see that as a positive feature...
> Another feature/wishlist of MM3 is a reputation service where, let's say
> you've engaged with three lists on python.org.  Each time you've had to do a
> email address confirmation dance, and get your postings moderated.  Once
> you've done that a couple of times across a few lists (configurable via admin
> knobs), you're deemed a member of the *site* in good standing.  Now you can
> post to any list that opts in with no further confirmations.  If you game the
> system to spam, an admin can lower your reputation and then all your posts
> would be moderated or discarded.
> I think a system like this would really make it very easy for users to have
> both long term engagements with some lists, and low-barrier short term
> drive-by engagements with others.

Stack Exchange works like that - if you're a member in good standing of another Stack Exchange site, your reputation starts at 100 rather than zero.


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