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On 27 Dec 2014 16:05, "Russell Keith-Magee" <russell@keith-magee.com> wrote:
> Now - I'm not claiming that these are anywhere near production ready - they're proof of concept at best. However, I completely agree with your original premise that Python needs a story on mobile platforms, and I'm interested in working on that story. If you go back and read the Python-ideas thread from a few months ago, it looks like there was broad support for the idea, but it would all hinge on the specifics.

Something that doesn't hinge on the specifics: perhaps it would make sense to set up a "mobile-sig@python.org" mailing list?

It would presumably be Mailman 2 to start off with, but would then migrate to Mailman 3 & HyperKitty along with the rest of the python.org lists (hopefully some time in 2015, although we don't have a concrete plan for that as yet).

Sure - if it's not too much effort to establish. 

I'm not sure exactly what would be discussed there, especially in the short term when the big ticket item is getting the patches into the main Python tree. However, mobile is a significant platform these days, and it can't hurt to have a place where the various players can co-ordinate and collaborate where possible.

Russ Magee %-)