On Sat, Nov 2, 2013 at 8:12 PM, Ryan Hiebert <ryan@ryanhiebert.com> wrote:
IIRC correctly the form 'd:efg' refers to a relative path on the d:
drive, based on the current working directory _of that drive_.

it requires a default base path to be relative on, that form wouldn't
work cross drives.

os.path.join doesn't require a full base path and isn't required to return an absolute path.
However if we used the same drive, we might be
willing to allow a relative path prefixed with a  drive letter.

os.path.join(r'c:\abc\foo', 'd:efg') # ERROR

This shouldn't be an error. The correct result is 'd:efg', i.e., relative to the current path on the D drive at the time the path is used, just as '\abc' is relative to the current drive at the time the path is used.

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