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Since there has been some controversy about the joining syntax used in
PEP 428 (filesystem path objects), I would like to run an informal poll
about it. Please answer with +1/+0/-0/-1 for each proposal:

- `p[q]` joins path q to path p
-1    ... semantics too different from usual meaning of [ ]

- `p + q` joins path q to path p
-1  ... too problematic with strings...

- `p / q` joins path q to path p
+0   ... my brain is hard-wired to see / as division or equivalent (e.g. quotient groups, etc.)

- `p.join(q)` joins path q to path p
+1    .... only remaining choice.  Besides, I think an explicit method makes more sense.

If paths were only directories, I would have really like
p.cd(q)   [with support for multiple arguments of course]
as everyone (I think) would naturally recognize this...   However, since we can have file as well, I was trying to think of something to mean
change path p so that it now points to the joining of path p and q ... 
and suggest p.goto(q)  ;-)  ;-)


(you can include a rationale if you want, but don't forget to vote :-))

Thank you


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