But in `for...else` the `else` call isn't always called, so changing `else` for `finally` doesn't make sense. What you're suggesting is replacing `else` with `on_finish` and adding `finally` and `on_break`.

I agree that having `finally` could make the use cases of `else` clearer, but I am not convinced renaming "else" to "on_finish" would help the confusion for the 0 iteration case.

I think that since this suggestion doesn't help with the 0 iteration case (my first idea here didn't either), it feels like added extra compound statements need to be immediately intuitive to be worth having - either because they read like a sentence or parallel existing python e.g. `try-except-else-finally` or `if-elif-else` etc.

On Wed, 15 Jul 2020 at 06:47, Steve Barnes <GadgetSteve@live.co.uk> wrote:

Can I suggest that for loops the `else` would be a lot clearer if it was spelt `finally` as was done for PEP-0341 for try blocks and that we might possibly need one or more `on_…` clauses such as `on_break` and `on_finish` I think that this would be a lot clearer:


for i in range(N):

    if i > 3:


on_break:  # Called if loop was broken


on_finish:  # Called if loop was not broken

    print("Loop Completed")

finally:  # Always called (replaces for…else)

    print("Loop Ended")


Which I think would be a lot easier for newcomers to learn than try…for…else…except…else e.g.:



    for i in range(N):

       if i > 3:


       elif i % 2 == 0:

            raise ValueError("Odds Only");

        else: # to if


    else:  # Else to loop

        print("Loop Completed")

except ValueError as err:


else:  # to try

    print("No Exception")


    print("Try Ended")


Where the multitude of elses makes my eyes cross.


Steve Barnes

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