On 04/05/2021 14:39, Paul Bryan wrote:

A problem I sense here is the fact that the interpreter would always need to attempt to resolve "A.B.C" as getattr(getattr(A, "B"), "C") and getattr(A, "B.C"). Since the proxy would be there to serve up  the namespace's attributes, why not just let it and do away with "B.C" in A.__dict__? What will the performance costs be of attempting to get an attribute in two calls instead of one? 

So, if in a nested scenario, A.B.C.D, I'm trying to understand the combination of getattr calls to resolve D. Would it just still be two attempts, getattr(A, "B.C.D") and getattr(getattr(getattr(A, "B"), "C"), "D")? If it were to become a Cartesian product of calls, there'll likely be a problem. 🤔️

I don't pretend to fully understand the proposal and how it would be implemented, but IMO adding an overhead (not to mention more complicated semantics) to *every* chained attribute lookup is enough to kill the proposal, given that it seems to have relatively slight benefits.
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Rob Cliffe