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(and the proposed Python implementation of IEEE-754's alternative to ZeroDivisionError)

Is anyone actually proposing this (i.e. changing how Python handles division by zero, or other float exceptions) ?

There IS a proposal on the table to add math.inf and math.nan to builtins, which is the only one I know about (and I'm supposed to help write a PEP for, which has stalled out) But while there has been a bunch of discussion, I don't know that anyone has actually proposed anything.

But if so -- could whoever it is write the proposal down? (Ideally in a new thread)
 this be an appropriate migration strategy for implementing IEEE-754 inf/+inf/-inf:

from __future__ import floatinfinity

FWIW, if a change were to be made, I'd rather it be some kind of float error handling context: either a global setting, like numpy's, or a context manager. With, of course, the default behavior just like it's been forever.


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