On 27 Dec 2014 16:05, "Russell Keith-Magee" <russell@keith-magee.com> wrote:
> Now - I'm not claiming that these are anywhere near production ready - they're proof of concept at best. However, I completely agree with your original premise that Python needs a story on mobile platforms, and I'm interested in working on that story. If you go back and read the Python-ideas thread from a few months ago, it looks like there was broad support for the idea, but it would all hinge on the specifics.

Something that doesn't hinge on the specifics: perhaps it would make sense to set up a "mobile-sig@python.org" mailing list?

It would presumably be Mailman 2 to start off with, but would then migrate to Mailman 3 & HyperKitty along with the rest of the python.org lists (hopefully some time in 2015, although we don't have a concrete plan for that as yet).