I would like to be able to use named sections to organise my code, much an inline submodules, bit without using classes or functions to organise them. I would use this if I had a group of related functions which were not written in an object-oriented-style, possibly due to not needing any shared state. Rather than break these out into a new file, I would like to just be able to use internal structure to declare the relationship. I've used the keyword 'block' to indicate the start of a named block.

For example, 

block signin:
     def handle_new_user():

     def handle_existing_user():

while True:


At the moment, I would have to either break out into more files, or somewhat clumsily co-opt things like functions or staticmethods. I think that supporting named blocks or inline module declarations would really help me organise some of my code much better. It could also provide a more seamless way to decide to break out into a new file. Once a named block got big enough, I could easily create a new file and import those functions into the same namespace.

I hope this makes sense and that I'm not overlooking anything obvious.