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Software Carpentry already recommend the IPython Notebook to research
scientists and data analysts learning Python (understandably so, since
IPython Notebook is built by and for research scientists and data

I just want to add the the IPython team has no plan to request, or try to have IPython
to be incorporated into standard library. We are happy and our users seem to be happy
with it as an external package. This also allow us to do quicker releases, changes
our dependencies (and our dependencies are growing), basically leave us more

* already installed
* (C)Python community review

* CPython release schedule
* CPython dependencies do not include the IPython dependencies
* CPython Makefile
* https://hg.python.org/cpython/file/tip/Lib
* Core Developers

For the hypothetical case that IPython and dependencies all decide to migrate their projects to
the CPython source tree:

Docs: https://docs.python.org/devguide/stdlibchanges.html#adding-a-new-module
Docs: https://docs.python.org/devguide/stdlibchanges.html#adding-to-a-pre-existing-module


It would also be funny to require nodejs to build the Javascript that would
need to be shipped for the notebook...

And TypeScript.

And despite some people loving IPython and the Notebook, we are the first to admit
that the notebook is not the best tool for everything. We are still using
vi/emacs/nano/ed/$EDITOR/$IDE to program, and it is better suited for a lot of tasks. 
Where notebook files are hard to edit in text editor[1].

%logstart -o input_and_output_before_here_n_forward.py
!cp io.log scriptname.py
%ed ./scriptname.py
That being said we would love to get some IPython-shell feature in 
the interactive python shell, like numbered prompt by default, and a
way to have the help syntax with `?` easier to hook into, instead of doing
reg-ex transform on the input.


With the more an more increasing pain of deadline on window we are also looking
into pypython[2] and enable it by default in the IPython shell, there are a lot of really good
improvement ideas for the plain shell that can be taken from that too.


[1] Yes I am aware of IPymd, but still you cannot break a class in between cells.

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