Hi everybody,

I'm a Python dev since about 10 years. I saw that customers are more and more curious about development process, talking from various reference on which allow to define what they call "good quality code". Someones are talking only about Pylint, other one from SonarQube, ... I search for SonarQube for Python, and saw it was using Pylint, coverage and Unittest. I saw also some customers internal tools which, every of them, was using internal tool, pylint, pylama, pep8, ...

So, with help of my customers (thanks to them ^^), i realize there was a missing in PEP about this point. I made some search, and saw that there is no PEP which define, not even a minimum, which metrics and/or tools use to evaluate the quality of a Python code; no minimal indication in this goal.

Also, my PEP idea was to try to define basical metrics to guarantee minimal code quality. I'd like to purpose it as an informational PEP. So users and implementers would be free to ignore it. I does not see it as a constrining PEP, but as a PEP reference which could give help, and be used by every developers to say he/she is PEP xxxx from its development.

What are you thinking about this PEP idea?