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AFAIK there can only be **one** sitecustomize.py. I think the docs
should be able to have a term for the thing which contains/provides this file.

uhm, the file system? it's a single file, and while a python module technically, it acts as a configuration file. so not a library, or a system or a package, or....
The current vacuum gets filled with a lot of different terms meaning the same
thing. This does not hurt, but still I **feel** it would help to have an
agreement on a term.

sure, but where, how, etc does one gain consensus? since this all overlaps with non-python software development, I do'nt htink we'll ever get a consensus.

The closest we get is the PyPA/distutils-sig consensus that software
is developed by and as projects (covering libraries, applications, and
assorted other endeavours):

Thank you Nick, for providing this link. I hope your are not the author
of this text. This is no definition according to my point of view.
I read it, and don't get it.

I"m sure PRs are considered :-)
Example: I think "django" is a
project according to this definition.

I think it's a package. An application built with Django is a Project. See -- no consensus :-)

The install_requires vs requirements.txt question is covered as its
own topic, without introducing any particular terminology:

It is hard to cover the meaning of requirements.txt if there
is no common term to name the container which contains it :-)

I think this all comes down to guidelines and suggestions -- each developer is going to need to figure out what best fits their needs. 



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