Here's my take on a Python one liner tool: 

It handles automatic intelligent printing, importing and more. It explicitly aims to feel very much like writing Python, as opposed to a DSL. In fact, it can even generate a runnable Python script to show you exactly what it's doing.

README includes comparisons to Pyped, xonsh and others — there's a long history of people wanting more Python in their terminal :-)

On Thu, 5 Nov 2020 at 23:35, Mike Müller <> wrote:
Am 06.11.20 um 08:15 schrieb Stephen J. Turnbull:
> Alex Hall writes:
>  > Try
> Or perhaps, and have Python be the native syntax of the
> shell.  (Unfortunately if I read correctly xonsh is based on Python
> 3.5, so no walrus operator and no f-strings yet.)

It says 3.5+. xonsh happily works with Python 3.9. ;)
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