On Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 10:10 PM Lee Braiden <leebraid@gmail.com> wrote:
It's the reason why type checking exists, and why bounds checking exists, and why unit checking exists too.

And yet Python has none of those. They all provide safety, but also place a burden on the developer.

So why use Python? I’m not arguing that all those features don’t have their advantages, but I am wondering why add them all to Python, rather than using a language designed for safety?

But Python has such a great ecosystem of packages! Yes, it does — but you might ask yourself why that is.

All that being said — do go and make a nice DbC package for Python — maybe all us naysayers will grow to love it!

But could we please stop cluttering this list with discussion of how great or not great it is?

These meta-conversations are getting really tiresome.



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