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I split my answers up to address different issues in different threads.

On 31.12.20 15:32, Todd wrote:
Hi Sven,

Thanks for your support and feedback.

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Hi Todd,

my comments below. Also would offer my time for reviewing/testing if wanted.

On 22.11.20 20:53, Todd wrote:
I know enhancements to pathlib gets brought up occasionally, but it doesn't look like anyone has been willing to take the initiative and see things through to completion.  I am willing to keep the ball rolling here and even implement these myself.  I have some suggestions and I would like to discuss them.  I don't think any of them are significant enough to require a pep.  These can be split it into independent threads if anyone prefers.

1. copy

The big one people keep bringing up that I strongly agree on is a "copy" method.  This is really the only common file manipulation task that currently isn't possible.  You can make files, read them, move them, delete them, create directories, even do less common operations like change owners or create symlinks or hard links. 

I really would appreciate that one. If I could through in another detail which we needed a lot:

- atomic_copy or copy(atomic=True) whatever form you prefer

It is not as easy to achieve as it may look on the first sight. Especially when it comes to tempfiles and permissions. The use cases of atomic copy included scenarios for multiple parallel access of files like caches in web development.

Is there already support for atomic writes in the standard library?  I am not planning on implementing anything new, only exposing existing functionality.  Adding atomic operations to the stslib would likely require a pep and substantial discussion of API and implementation.  I don't really have the background to do that.

So far I didn't find any of this implemented in the stdlib but please correct me if I am wrong.

As far as I know, one working pattern would be

1. creating a file or the directory structure using tempfile
2. then setting permissions from the original directory object
3. and finally moving it to its final destination (path and name)

The last part is done atomically at least in Linux (rename) and Windows (ReplaceFile).

Especially setting permission an easy oversight which can cause issues e.g. with xsendfile.

What would be the steps to do get it done?

This is outside my area of expertise and is far outside the scope of my proposal, so it really needs its own thread.  I think there have periodically been requests for atomic file operations on this mailing list, so the first step would be to search the mailing list and see what prevented those from going anywhere.