> Actually, Windows 10 (or at least Windows 10 with the latest updates)
> introduced a much, MUCH nicer interface for PATH editing.
> Here's a screenshot: http://snag.gy/WH4Oj.jpg

Finally! and after only 20 years. Great to see that. But we will be dealing with pre Windows10 for a a good long time :-) 

Plus fixing a way to fix a problem is, while improving the situation,
probably not the best way to look at the situation.

well, it does change teh burden teh choice is between auto-setting PATH, and requiring people to set/adjust it themselves -- each has it's advantages.

And how easy it is to adjsut it yourself does effect the trade-off.

But as we will be supporting Windows pre-10 for a long time, we still need it to "just work" for less sophisticated users without them having to mess with PATH.

As in:

If someone installs a version of python with defaults, they should then get that version when they type "python" (or maybe "py") at the command line.

If they want something other than the last one they installed, then they'll have to mess with PATH or other configuration...



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