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For that matter, have you actually checked whether those libraries really are blocking you? I've lost count of the number of people who've claimed they can't switch to Python 3 because of some library that's been ported since 2010 or that has a 3.x-compatible drop-in replacement.

The problem you mention here is absolutely *real*.
It's not only a matter of whether all your deps have currently been ported already.
Software evolves over time and you can also remain stuck later, when you suddenly decide you need lib X and lib X hasn't been ported yet (uh-oh! what do I do now?).
And please, note that *as of now* lib X includes names such as Twisted and Paramiko, which means hundreds of thousands of users which are stuck as we speak.
How can a company decide to make the switch starting from such an assumption? The assumption that lib X or Y might not be ported soon, or even *ever*?
IMHO as long as we won't get close to a 100% of libs being ported the current situation is not likely to change.
FWIW here's some stats (inspired by recent Brett Cannon's post about openstack): http://stackoverflow.com/a/22113627/376587

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