dear Jeanpierre,
sorry, no.
for >>>count1=3,
    var('count1') or var(str('count',1)) will output 3
in fact, it is even better to use libraries,
and it was stupid to send the first email before trying an other way.

2014/1/2 Devin Jeanpierre <>
On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 3:57 AM, Liam Marsh <> wrote:
> hello,here is my idea:
> var():
> input var name (str),
> outputs var value
> example:
> 1.34 
>thank you and have a nice day!

This is underspecified. What should it do for this code?

count = 3
def foo():
    print var('count', 1)

If the output is "1", then you're in luck and can already use
vars().get('count', 1)

Otherwise, I don't know a trivial one-liner to do it. Either way I'd
be -1 on its inclusion in Python, it encourages a bad idiom.

-- Devin