On Tue, Dec 1, 2020 at 10:38 AM Paul Sokolovsky <pmiscml@gmail.com> wrote:
And the const is the cheapest way to make Python a tad faster (for
sure open up possibilities for further optimizations), which should be
accessible even to such an old clumsy behemoth as CPython.

This is at least the 50th idea I've seen that will "with absolute certainty make Python faster" ... where the first 49 failed to do so, often despite significant institutional investment in money and skilled developers.

Obviously, there *have* been actual speed improvements.  But they rarely seem to follow the "obvious intuitions" of speculation on python-ideas.
> Somehow "dire" doesn't strike me as the right word.... Maybe you were
> looking for "conceivably useful in niche cases."?

Perhaps we can bargain on "really useful in many cases".

I've still yet to see an example that is very compelling.  Not speed, I'll treat that with skepticism. Just in terms of notably improved code clarity.

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