On Sun, 19 Jul 2020 at 15:43, Олег Комлев <ar12wtz@gmail.com> wrote:
Thank to all disputants.
It is possible to borrow the keyword "case" from PEP-622 (when it appears https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0622). Keyword "case" can be written instead of "else/elif".  I.e.
case COND:
[case COND:
[case COND:
All conditions COND must be different. Last  "case COND:" can be replaced with "else:".

For me this is -1 because "for... case" and "while... case" don't read like english. 

I also think the issue is less what keyword is used from "case", "if", "except" or "joojoo" rather what the "COND" look like.
Obviously this depends on what the keyword is e.g. for "case"/"if" they should be predicates, for "except" they should be exceptions and if adding a new keyword it may be they are not needed.
But I would say deciding on those is the priority.

Side Note:
It does feel like "elif" should be part of the "for-else" and "while-else" (especially while) compound statements.

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