El vie, 15 oct 2021 a las 14:42, Abdulla Al Kathiri (<alkathiri.abdulla@gmail.com>) escribió:
I don’t understand why tuple structure is not supported already. It makes reading the function signature a breeze and very natural. You can also do it without parentheses which mimics the return of multiple objects often seen in functions(def func(*args: int) -> str, [int])

I brought this up before and one issue is that it's hard to distinguish between a tuple used as a type parameter and multiple type parameters:

GenericClass[(A, B)]  # parameterized by the type Tuple[A, B]
GenericClass[A, B]  # two type parameters

The ASTs for both of those are the same, so it would be difficult for mypy to distinguish them.

I do agree that it would be nice to write types like ([str], [int]), but there are some practical problems.