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That's annotation to make sure no one uses a name.

This is a proposal to implement constant name binding in Python.

Here are some excerpts from pep 591, specifically, how are they different from what you are proposing?

[typing.Final purpose] "Declaring that a variable or attribute should not be reassigned"



The two main rules for defining a final name are:

  • There can be at most one final declaration per module or class for a given attribute. There can't be separate class-level and instance-level constants with the same name.
  • There must be exactly one assignment to a final name.


[typing.Final is useful in...]"Allowing a name to be used in situations where ordinarily a literal is expected (for example as a field name for NamedTuple, a tuple of types passed to isinstance, or an argument to a function with arguments of Literal type [3])."

There are many applications of constants.

However many there may be, the cases discussed here all fall under this definition

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