On 10 Apr 2020, at 20:14, Christopher Barker <pythonchb@gmail.com> wrote:

I rarely use Windows, but do support them, so this sounds good to me.

But one confusion:

With py.exe no need to mess with the PATH.

How does py.exe get on the PATH?

Now that the need for python 2 and 3 on the same machine is greatly reduced -- is it so bad to put python.exe on the PATH?

When I upgrade from python 3.8 to 3.9 I'm likely to have both installed at the same time until I'm
happy I my code working in 3.9. The PATH makes that impossible. But py.exe it is easy to use
use both.

Also, if order to get python top level scripts to work, there needs to be a PATH entry for that, too.

Do you mean the #! lines? That is taken care of by py.exe and how it was installed.

Managing the PATH on Windows is complex for all sorts of reasons. Being able to avoid that is a win for
all users, especially new users.

I get what py.exe is about, but maybe it's a lost cause.

I love py.exe as it simplifies life on Windows. No need to care about the path or where Python is installed.


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