>Please provide more explanation for why the currently available features
>are insufficient.  Note that what you're asking for would change the
>semantics of Python at a very deep level and will almost certainly be
>rejected in its present form.
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I'm no python expert but i had to do a stress test on a libary. (checking thread safety)
here is the code (we soe absraction):
def testMultiThread():
  global resultDict
  resultDict = {}
  def testFuncThread(func):
       global resultDict
       if func():
           resultDict[func] = 'Passed'
           resultDict[func] = 'Falied'
   while (len(resultDict) < 3):
   return resultDict #here i did something else such as logging and returning True or False
Maybe there is a better way for doing this?
If we had something like i suggested (with .value or not)
def testMultiThread():
    resultDict = {}
      resultDict[Test1]= thread.startValueReturningThread(Test1)
      resultDict[Test1]= thread.startValueReturningThread(Test2)
      resultDict[Test1]= thread.startValueReturningThread(Test3)
      return resultDict #or again, pharsing the result...