Ian, please keep in mind that you are asking people to do extra work
for you *for free*, after you have already been benefiting for years
from work that we already made available to you free of charge. The
latter part is OK, and entirely the way non-commercial open source
works, but it *does* mean that you *don't* get to tell the core
development team our priorities are wrong when you haven't paid us a


Why are you so aggressive? 
No one is trying to 'tell' people to do something.

I was proposing an idea here. I thought it was a relevant useful idea, so i have been arguing the case that idea is useful. Others argue the case that it is not useful and to me this is a constructive way to share ideas, hear other points of view so they can be considered.

For commercial purposes you have managed to convince me I should cease to lobby for python to be used in the projects where I assist. Obviously commercial use is clearly not desired by the community, that is the first lesson i have learned.  As I am not paid to champion python in the work environment, having been enlightened that python community does not desire commercial usage, I will cease. 

I came this forum hoping to contribute.  I do not get paid to post here, nor will python being used in projects where i am involved generate a financial outcome for me.  I simply feel a passion for the language and have been supporting the use of python in education and it helps push case for students learning python when there is also commercial usage.

Is educational usage also to be discouraged?

So now I am being told that not only are commercial users not to be encouraged, but also opinions and ideas of those who have been involved in commercial projects are not welcome.

Disappointing.  If a welcome as a result of a debate it was agreed that the approach I feel will help both library module developers and end users and was worth supporting but the community then the decision question would come as to who would donate time to implementation.  While i would get no commercial benefit and do not have a lot time i would have tried to help.  I think the idea has merit.  But what is the point?  It seems even debate on desirability of the idea in your opinion is not to be encouraged.  From others I get the sense of community.  But from you I get the sense of a closed club.