Thanks to everyone for your contribution to my proposal.

@Barry, I agree with you that each organisation needs to integrate the "quality process" in their workflow. But before integrate it, this "quality" process need to be define, at minimal, i think. I don't think too this is easy to measure, in integrity, but we can define minimal metric, easy to get from code, as the ones defines previously. About your question for googlegroups, i don't know if it's bond, but i use google group to participate to this mailing list.

@Jason, thanks for your example. When i discussed from this proposal with other devs of my team, they needed too example to have better idea of use. But i think, as wee need to avoid to talk about any tool name in the PEP, we need to avoid to give a code example. The aim of this proposal is to have a guideline on minimal metrics to have minimal quality. As you talked about, i ask to every devs of my team to respect the higher standard as possible. This, and the permanent request of my customers for the highest dev quality as possible, is the reason which explain this proposal.