A point here:

any proposal that is an actual proposal, rather than a idea that needs fleshing out, can benefit from being written down in a single document.

It does NOT have to be an official PEP in order for that to happen. If you are advocating something, then write it down, post it gitHbu or some such, and point people to it -- that's it.

Using this list alone (or any forum-like system) is not a good way to work out the details of the proposal -- if you have a written out version, then folks can debate what's actually in the proposal, and not the various already discussed and rejected idea that float around in multiple discussion threads...


On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 7:46 PM, Michael Selik <mike@selik.org> wrote:
On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 10:25 AM Anders Hovmöller <boxed@killingar.net> wrote:
> >>> Not for drafting, but for submitting.
> >>
> >> Can you quote pep1? I think you’re wrong.
> >
> > I can't remember if I pulled this quote previously (that's one of the
> > troubles with emails): "Following a discussion on python-ideas, the
> > proposal should be submitted as a draft PEP ..."
> >
> > Could you clarify what you think is inaccurate in the previous statements?
> It later states this is just to avoid submitting bad ideas. It’s not actually a requirement but a (supposed) kindness.

Some regulations are de jure, others are de facto.
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