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<<I just had a *major* realization. A majority of the new net and/or UNIX admisnitrators don't know how to program computers. I don't mean they're not competent C hackers. They don't even know FORTRAN, COBOL, or Pascal. They have not learned the mindset.

This means that they will not make, what are to me, obvious inferences. Their universe of cause and effect will be quite unexpected. They will be surprised by and misunderstand, what are to me, rather obvious things.

I know this should have been obvious to the meanest intelligence. But I just realized it. The two preceding sentences are not in conflict.

They must be rather frustrated and confused.>>

@Rob Cliffe I was saying that if you don't know the flashy
terms it's an indication that you come from
a great time. Me myself i find myself no longer
wanting to go deep into networking or the Linux kernel 
maybe because i no longer find myself near 
the v0 or v1 of things. Why i find a reason to 
dig deep is because of curiosity and to really
become good at something. It's not a granted
thing that if you are into computer science you'll
automatically be exposed to the core level.
When you see some new people in the field,
sometimes it makes you wonder why they no
longer take the care to know of fundamental things not taught.

The SaaS term comes not from the circle of

[1] people who explore and experiment, not crackers or people who carry out illegal activities