> module.__getattr__ works pretty well for normal access, after being
> imported by another module, but it doesn't properly trigger loading by
> functions defined in the module's own namespace.

The idea of my PEP is to be very simple (both semantically and in terms
of implementation). This is why I don't want to add any complex logic.
People who will want to use __getattr__ for lazy loading still can do this
by importing submodules.

@Nathaniel @INADA
> The main two use cases I know of for this and PEP 549 are lazy imports
> of submodules, and deprecating attributes.

Yes, lazy loading seems to be a popular idea :-)
I will add the simple recipe by Inada to the PEP since it will already work.

> I still think the better way
> to solve the custom dir()  would be to change the module __dir__
> method to check if __all__ is defined and use it to generate the
> result if it exists. This seems like a logical enhancement to me,
> and I'm planning on writing a patch to implement this. Whether it
> would be accepted is still an open issue though.

This seems a reasonable rule to me, I can also make this patch if
you will not have time.

What do you think about the above idea?