to begin with: i a deep python fun
i want to suguest python a feature to support Fuctional Program :,here is the toy code  i need a more powerful decrote in moudle functools instead of functools.partial,thanks do you think it is a nice idea?
waitting for your reply

def minpara(func_1,args):
     except Exception as error:
     if num:
        #return int(num),int(given)
         return (num,given)
         #return func(*args)
         return (0,0)

def curried(func):
    def new_func(*args):
        #print num,given
        if (num,given)==(0,0):
            return func(*args)
            return curried(functools.partial(func,*args))
    return new_func
def sun_1(a,b,c):
    return a+b+c
def sun_2(a,b,c):
     return a*b*c
if __name__=="__main__":
    print sun_2(1,)(2)(44)
    print sun_1(1,)(2)(44)
    print sun_2(1,2)(23)