On Sunday, March 9, 2014 1:10:41 AM UTC-6, Mark H. Harris wrote:
  this is one of Mike Cowlishaw's papers regarding decimal 
floating point, hardware decimal floating point, and the IEEE 854 1987 standard,
and other topics.  He mentions the TI89, and others, that use decimal floating
point arithmetic, with citations. 


In the course of this thread I have mentioned Michael Cowlishaw's Rexx, and my
work at IBM;  for one thing adding a library of decimal floating point routines for
use with VM370 Rexx which provides the scientific and transcendental functions
for the now arcane 370 system.  I found one of the scripts in my archive and 
uploaded it to code.google.com for historical purposes and perspective. If anyone
is interested it can be found here: