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The current interface of ranges is that of a sequence and nothing
more.  The only place where the original parameters that were used to
create the sequence pop up is in its representation.  Giving those
parameters more weight seems a bit like remembering the list
coomprehension that was used to create a list and take this into
account when comparing lists (of course I'm exaggerating here to make
a point).  [emphasis added]

The current interface doesn't include the changes you want to make either. Limiting the consideration of extending the interface of ranges to exactly your proposal is unnecessarily limiting.

Suppose we modified ranges to allow changing the step value.

>>> x  = range(0,10,3)
>>> x
range(0, 10, 3)
>>> x.set_step(2)
range(0, 10, 2)

Now I'm not saying we *should* allow you to change the step value but we *could*. And if we did that then, the original stop value definitely matters. Making the decision now to ignore that value when comparing for equality means that we preclude other features in the future.

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