On 2/2/07, Eduardo EdCrypt O. Padoan <eopadoan@altavix.com> wrote:
I think that there aready exists a  proposal for an Abstract FS Layer
for Python somewere.
I haven't really seen a proposal for such a thing.
itools.vfs is the only actualy file-system API, or file-system abstraction layer, I know of. It is going more or less in the directions I am currently thinking of. But the fact is that it has not gained popularity makes me think that maybe the direction needs to be better thought out. And it's not really a proposal as much as a partial implementation, created mostly for the needs of the other itools modules.
Most other proposals had to do with handling file-systems paths, and while some also mixed in some functionality for reading/writing files, browsing directory trees, etc., they do not provide a layer of abstraction for file-systems and file-system-like entities.
This is why I think there is room for such an initiative.
- Tal Einat
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