On 1 Apr 2014 05:40, "Ethan Furman" <ethan@stoneleaf.us> wrote:
> On 03/31/2014 05:09 AM, Richard Prosser wrote:
>> Better still I believe, abandon mailing lists altogether (because they can clog up mail clients) and use forum/BB instead.
> Even better than that:  use a decent mail client, and exercise one's mouse and keyboard to delete unnecessary context when replying to posts.

No need to get personal folks. I use a lot of both mailing lists *and* web based communication interfaces, and see a place for both of them.

Mailing lists, I prefer when I'm highly invested. Just as an RSS reader brings blogs I care about into a single interface, mailing lists do the same for collaborative communication. Appropriate use of filters and "mark all as read" then deals with the volume of traffic.

However, mailing lists are *terrible* if you just want to drop in, ask one question & leave again. One possible answer to that is AskBot (a self-hosted site-specific, Stack Overflow style Q&A forum), but the MM3/HyperKitty web gateway idea is aimed at making the existing *already invested* list participants more readily available to new users without having to ask those existing participants to change their reading habits and look in a new place for questions.

In the meantime, making GMane more discoverable by suggesting it as an alternative to subscription in the various list descriptions sounds reasonable to me.


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