At the end this long thread because 2 functions doing quite the same thing have the same name but not the same signature and it's confusing for some people (I'm one of those)


os.path.join(path, *paths)

There are strong arguments about why it's implemented like that and why it's very difficult to change it.

Maybe some change could be giving str.join 1 iterable or many args :
about str.join:
   a - if 0 arg : error
   b - if 1 arg : process or return error if not iterable
   c - if > 1 arg: do b using all args as one iterable

maybe some performance issues could go against it.

I agree with the fact that this is a minor need and it should not allow major change
Le 30/01/2019 à 11:01, Jamesie Pic a écrit :
I'm not disagreeing by any mean. I'm just saying assembling strings is
a common programing task and that we have two different methods with
the same name and inconsistent signatures and that it's error-prone.
I'm most certainly *not* advocating for breaking compatibility or
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